A pixel art, music-oriented RPG where you play as the Lo-Fi girl and collect batteries scattered around your room to charge your MP3 player, unlocking new songs and features along the way.

Unity, Procreate, C#
Game Design
Spring 2021, 16 Weeks

Team: Brandon Chen, Jessica Lai, Bernard Shen, Nellie Tole

Gameplay Screenshots


- Lo-fi girl who suffers a bit from depression/anxiety as a growing adolescent decides to make some changes in her life.

- She finds comfort in listening to music as a form of catharsis.

- Her MP3 is running out of battery but she can’t remember where she put them so she has to go around finding them so she can continue to listen to music and “brighten up her world” (hence where the changing environment comes into play).

Gameplay Systems

- Using WASD movement to search for batteries hidden around the room.

- Various household items throughout the room are interactable and may have the batteries hidden behind them.

- Press ‘E’ to search when prompted by an interactable object, where an animation follows, indicating that you found the battery.

- Challenges - possible hints / riddles on the to-do list.

- Progression - as batteries are found, audio becomes clearer, more music is unlocked, and the environment becomes more colorful.

- Losing condition - Player does not complete all the features or unlock everything.

- Winning condition - Player unlocks everything and keeps chilling in the room with the wide selection of music.

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