ALPS ALPINE Internship

Worked on projects to conduct in-depth user-centered research for femtech products by investigating how tools can empower women in the workplace, produce concept designs and prototypes for digital cabin space, and build a working HMI cluster interface with the Engineering team and Product Management for HPRA

Figma, Kanzi Studio,
UX Research, Rapid Prototyping
Jun - Aug 2022, 2 months

During the summer of my Sophomore year, I worked with Alps Alpine, A Japanese manufacturer of electronics and on-vehicle information systems, as a product design intern. In both Tokyo head quarters and Iwaki Office, I worked under the company’s HPRA team, Cabin Concept team, and Fem-tech team. My responsibilities for the internship included conducting user research studies, prototyping user interfaces, proposing speculative user experiences, and conversing with stakeholders, product managers, engineers, and user researchers. Due to my non-disclosure agreement, I am unable to share the specific details of my internship on this website. If you are a recruiter or potential collaborator who would like to learn more about my projects, feel free to shoot me a message through email or Linkedin!

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