I'm Jessica      

Currently an undergraduate student at Carnegie Mellon University studying Design and Human Computer Interaction with a minor in Intelligent Environments.Intelligent Environments.InteIi

Design Hero

A multimedia communication design project on the life and work of interaction designer and computer scientist Bret Victor.

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Interdisciplinary Project Simulator

A speculative augmented reality tour experience focusing on interdisciplinary projects on campus.

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Gossamer Idle

Collaborative fashion line that presents a new sense of duality between femininity and masculinity instead of following the distinct binary roles from classic silhouettes.

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Trajan —Typeface Spread and Animation

Create a spread and animation that explains the unique characteristics of the classic typeface Trajan.

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Hybrid Architecture Exhibition

Designing modular systems to create immersive 3D forms through understanding altered user perception and physical experiences.

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Why They Leave

An unfolding narrative

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Lofi Girl

Help lofi girl’s world brighten up by finding the hidden batteries in her room.

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Design Studies

Creating a systems map to understand the depth and complexity of the causes and implications of climate change on the island of Oahu, Hawaii.To fully understand Harlem’s drag community, we created a mirrored map reflecting the similar and contrasting elements between the community of the past and present, highlighting the inverted hierarchies between performers and audiences.

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Speculative Design Mini Projects

A venture into the "what if".

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