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Web UIUX / Brand & Identity / UX Research
Project Overview
An AI-powered interview preparation web platform that offers a comprehensive suite of tools and resources, including mock interview simulations and personalized feedback.
Timeline - Jul 2023 - present, 8 months
Tools - Figma, Adobe Suite
Team - Eric Hu, Yi Luo...
As a visual and product designer, I collaborated closely with PM, designers, and engineers to create various product features, including visual UI system components and technical user experience. I also created the visual identity system including logo word mark, website, and other marketing materials. is an officially registered startup company under the Swartz Center for Entrepreneurship and sponsored by Microsoft Startup Hub.
Problem Space
Are Uncertain of Industry and
Role Specific Expectations:

Lack clarity on the specific skills, experiences, and qualities that employers are looking for in candidates.
Job seekers find it difficult to prepare for an interview because they...
Are Limited in Feedback:
Without feedback from past interviews, candidates struggle to identify areas for improvement and find it challenging to gauge their readiness for future interviews.
Have Anxiety and Stress:
Impacts their confidence and performance.
Lack Resources:
There is limited access to resources and support systems for interview preparation, such as mock interview opportunities, career coaching, or online resources.
Have Cultural/Language Barriers:
Candidates from diverse cultural backgrounds or non-native English speakers may face additional challenges when communicating their skills and experiences.
Have Time Constraints:
Balancing interview preparation with other commitments, such as work or education, can be challenging.
Contextual Inquiry:
We interviewed 8 graduating/early career students, and gathered quotes from these conversations to find pain points, knowledge gaps, and potential design opportunities.
Competitive Analysis:
When looking at similar products in the current market, we found that many offered an intuitive platform for speech recognition, but none offer specialized feedback in a constructed and insightful manner.
Through user research, we concluded...
It is efficient to have a handful of flexible scenarios that could be applied to different questions.
Candidates see credibility and authenticity when receiving feedback from professionals in the specific role and industry they are interested in.
Entree level candidates have trouble understanding the interviewer's intent and how that relates to their own narrative.
Keeping track of solutions are important when practicing because recall becomes difficult when response are undocumented
Frameworks like STAR, 3 Cs, 4 Ps, Swot Analysis, BGG, etc...are commonly used and suggested to structure answers in a clear and concise manner.
To find out the situations in which AI generated feedback would be helpful for candidates, I drew storyboards and created low-fidelity prototypes for various features.
In communication with the developers, we created a user flow map as the interfaces continued to be further developed.
With this, we developed a framework to structure our feedback.
Brand & Identity
To define our visual language, I created a comprehensive identity system that aligns with our core mission—bringing candidates the confidence and motivation to secure their career. Thus a vibrant and energetic color palette along with kinetic graphics of arrows were incorporated in the marketing and aspects of the UI.
Some kinetic visualizations...
About Conversational Design:
With the recent rise in conversational AI products, this was a unique opportunity to leverage current AI technology and parse through it's responses to curate meaningful insights for our audience.

Working with an Entrepreneurial Mindset:
Being in a start-up environment helped me develop a sense of ownership and initiative to take proactive steps, drive product innovation, and think outside the box. The demand to wear multiple hats has fostered my versatility and adaptability, as I navigated through various stages of the product development lifecycle.
On Linguistic Equity and Accessibility:
Working with a team of majority international students, and being a female-identifying career seeking student, there was a lot of resignation behind creating tools that could empower voices and careers.
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